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Aqua go

Safety, Control  and Passion!

Aqua go is able to monitor the classic water values ​​of our Aquariums whether they are "Marino" or "Dolce", but at the same time it can act independently in correcting these or it can forward the report to one or more people present in the message distribution list.

Aqua go sets its own bases on safety. This product inherits most of its components and engineering from the DS100, an established device in the Fire / Safety and remote automation market.

Aqua go

Safety, Control  and Passion!


What aquaGo controls?

  • Tank and ambient temperature

  • PH

  • Possible Flooding

  • Principles of fire in the room under the tank

  • Levels of Sump and Tub

  • Osmotic water level or opening and closing of solenoid valves

  • Management of dosometric pumps

  • Power failure and UPS discharge signaling

  • Integrated back-up battery that guarantees over 3 days of autonomy to the module  Aqua go  in the absence of electricity.

And, soon available:

  • Redox, Salinity, TDS

  • Humidity of the environment or of the sump room

Aqua go  for each event resulting from  alarm or change in status of a sensor can intervene autonomously  sending  an alert, if necessary, and / or  managing the switching on and off of lamps, pumps and  any other electrical component that equips the aquarium  being able to manage it both under UPS  than under electricity.


What can it do  Aqua g o  ?

manage the osmoregulation of the tank or an automated water change: the device can be equipped with 4 new generation sensors that detect the levels of Sump, Tank and osmotic water without coming into contact with the water, thus guaranteeing, in addition to greater precision, safety in operation. On the contrary, very often the classic floating or optical sensors are affected by the presence of residues that accumulate on them or of animals that alter their functioning.
Aqua go  it also regulates the temperature in the tank by switching the heater or chiller on and off; moreover, thanks to an environmental sensor, it can also regulate the temperature according to the environment. If equipped with a hygrometer (available soon) it can regulate the humidity of the environment through a suction fan or with a device designed to nebulize the water.
... and so on!


Modular system  Aqua g o!

allows the extension to your liking by adding the connection units. Nevertheless, the basic equipment may be sufficient for the needs of novice enthusiasts and more ... always guaranteeing the maximum safety of our Aquarium.

Safety is Aqua go!

Alert and messaging

Security is the basis of this system and that is why we wanted to create an alert system that can reach us anywhere and even in critical conditions.

The system is equipped with three types of Alerts that guarantee extreme security in reception:

-   Via SMS

-   Via Voice

-   Via internet (Wi-Fi available soon)

Well yes! This system also allows you to send SMS or voice calls to our landline or mobile phone, thus ensuring extreme security in the notification of Alerts.

Furthermore we could intervene from our Smartphone or via App but also with simple SMS that normally work even with very low GSM signal.

What if we are not available? 

Aqua go  can manage a list of numbers that can be contacted in case of unavailability. But it is also equipped with the assistance mode that automatically directs reports in the event of our absence to a number or a list of numbers.

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